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Kitchen Basics

Kitchen Basics

 Space planning in a kitchen requires a significant amount of pre-planning. So many aspects have to be taken into consideration: workspace layout, plumbing and appliances, countertops, safety, seating and storage. A committee of experts at the National Kitchen and Bath Association have put together guidelines to consider when planning your new space.

As members of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, our designers are trained to look for these details. Using a designer like Regent Flooring, Kitchen and Bath is sure to save you time, money and headaches from regretful decisions.

Before beginning the process, it is helpful to analyze what features have been successful in your past kitchens as well as what features where not successful. Often, identifying what doesn’t work can help pave the way for solutions that will be more efficient and successful in your next kitchen.

 Design and Layout Considerations:


Space Considerations

Sink Placement

Note: Secondary sinks are great if there is more than one cook in a household!

Cooking Surfaces and Microwaves

Dishwashers and Refrigerators

Other Considerations

Remember, these are guidelines and every kitchen and cook is unique. The staff at Regent Flooring, Kitchen and Bath and the knowledge and experience that will help you design the kitchen that will work best for you and your lifestyle.